Is it possible to block annoying callers?

This article describes how to block calling numbers.

To be able to block a caller we need his phone number. Once we have it, we navigate to "Partner ID"->"Caller blacklist" in the control panel. Callers can also be blocked per call tracking number/pool. This is done in the "Blacklist" tab of the phone number and works analog to the Caller Blacklist on Partner Id level.

In this view we click on the "+" button to add a phone number to the blacklist.

In the modal we now enter the phone number in E164 format without leading "+" that we want to block.

Now click on "save" and that's it the number is blocked.

Reporting (Can I see the blocked calls?)

To see which calls have been blocked, I navigate to "Call and event lists"->"Call lists" and switch to the "Blocked calls" tab.