Call reports

What are the different levels at which call reports can be set up? How do I create call reports? How do I change/delete call reports? How do I resend a call report?

1) What are the different call report levels?

Levels at which reports can be set up:

  1. Telephone number
    -> The report contains the call data of a telephone number/number pool
  2. Subscriber
    -> The report contains the call data of all telephone numbers/all number pools of this subscriber 
  3. Partner ID
    -> The report contains the call data of all telephone numbers/number pools that are booked to your account. In addition, at Partner level, a configuration report and an itemized bill report can also be created, for example
  4. Groups
    -> The report contains the call data of a previously created group

The different levels can be configured here:

Call Reports 1.0


2) How do I set up a call report in the Control Panel? 

See here for an info video using a monthly report at telephone number level as an example. The call report is set up with e-mail delivery. It is also possible to save the call reports in the Control Panel, and to download them from there as required.


HubSpot Video

- Call reports can be set up as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

- Call reports can be created as Excel files (see the templates overview), or as PDFs

Call Reports 2.02


3) How do I resend an existing call report to myself or download it in the Control Panel?

HubSpot Video


3) How do I delete a report? 

How do I edit a report (change the e-mail recipient, for example)?

HubSpot Video


3) Can I customize call reports with my logo?

Yes, this can be done at an extra charge.

Please e-mail the desired header and footer in the following format to

Bitmap file (jpg, bmp, png or similar)


Header: 165 mm x 30 mm (3898 × 709 pixels with 600 dpi)

Footer: 165 mm x 19.8 mm (3898 × 469 pixels with 600 dpi)

All images to be embedded in JPG or PNG format please