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What is Click2Call (phonecall) and how do I set it up?

Click2Call is a function for websites to generate a trackable call even without a calltracking number.

What is Click2Call?


Click2Call is an alternative to a number pool. There are basically two different Click2Call versions: phoneCall and webCall. In this article we introduce the phoneCall. With phoneCall you put a button on your website, which the website visitor can use to enter his own phone number and make a call directly.



It is not a form for a call request. After entering the data, a call is initiated directly between the customer's phone number and the forwarding destination entered with us.

Advantages of Click2Call phoneCall:

- No binding to phone numbers

- Internationally versatile

- another tool for contact with customers

- has all functions of a number pool

Where do I set up Click2Call phonecall?


You can set up Click2Call phoneCal very easily in 2 ways. The first way is to directly book a Click2Call pool in our control panel:

The second option is to set up a Click2Call phonecall in an existing telephone pool. To do so, select the desired phone number pool and switch to the "Search&Replace" tab:

How do I configure Click2Call phoneCall?


When configuring the Click2Call, it is best to go from top to bottom in the settings window. First of all, select whether you want to set up a phoneCall or a webCall:

Then set the settings for the call:

Decide first who will be called first by the system. The person who is called first picks up the phone and is then in the process of establishing a connection to his caller. Agent stands here for the forwarding call destination.

When connecting to the website visitor's device, a phone number of your choice can be transmitted. It can be the number of the forwarding call destination, here +49 172 444444. It can be anonymous. It can be an individual phone number, but this must first be validated by us.

Under "Permitted number ranges" you can specify which numbers the website visitor can enter. If a country/number range is missing for your purposes, simply write to service@matelso.com for activation.

The next settings are for the design and positioning of the button and the modal:

In this example I use the matelso standard template and let the button appear everywhere where "newNumber" appears on my website. Other options are "Fixed position" and "CSS selector". If the position is fixed, the button is displayed at a fixed position on the website, for example at the bottom right. You can find the setting for this under Templates - Click2Call.

Besides the available languages you have the possibility to use an individual template for button and modal.


How do I change the Click2Call phoneCall Button and Modal?


You can make many design and text settings on the phoneCall Button and the modal. To do so, go to Templates-Click2Call:

You can either customize our button and modal template or upload your own HTML. When individualizing, you also have an additional preview:

After you have customized your button, the template can be selected in the Click2Call phoneCall configuration:


Here we have an additional video with the Click2Call Basics:


HubSpot Video