Configuring Google Ads

How do I create a Google Ads account? What do I need to know in order to do this? What needs to be configured in the matelso Control Panel and in my Google Ads account?

1) Create the Google Ads account under Integrations 2.0:

Konfiguration Google Ads ENG

Konfiguration Google Ads 1.0
2) Accept the access request in Google Ads:

Access Request Ads


3) Add conversion profile:

2020-07-09 10_36_10-Google accounts - matelso Control Panel

4) Click Push Configurations > Google Ads:

Konfiguration Google Ads 2.0 ENG

5) Give the push configuration a meaningful name so that it can be assigned at a later date:

Konfiguration Google Ads 3.0 ENG

6) Set a filter if required:

Konfiguration Googlr Ads 4.0 ENG

7) Create and save the Google Ads conversion profile:

Konfiguration Google Ads 6.0

8) If required, link the push configuration with the number pool that has already been booked

Konfiguration Google Ads 7.02020-07-09 10_41_13-Integrations 2.0 - matelso Control Panel


9) Set up a user-defined column in Google Ads to view the call data there:

What to do in Ads



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