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Enable additional countries

How do I enable additional countries in my account?

Before requesting the activation of additional countries, check whether the country is already enabled.

To check whether the country is already enabled, login to our Control Panel and go to "Configuration"->"Telephone numbers" and click on the "+" button.

On this page you can pick a country from the "country" dropdown. If the country you want to enable is in this list, it is already enabled.


If the required country is not in the list, please check whether you are able to fulfil the regulatory requirements. Navigate to the "passive tab" within the control panel and pick "help and service"->"Countries and numbers".


On this page search for the country.


Within this table you can see all available NDC's and the regulartory requirements:


If your requested NDC is within the list and you are certain to fulfil the requirements, you can request the additional country via mail to: service@matelso.com