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FAQ invoice lines

In this article we will explain some of the frequently asked invoice lines

Each invoice line will be dependent on your tariff.

General invoice lines

  • Base fee
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-MAIN-CONTRACT-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-MAIN-CONTRACT-{Tariff}
  • API
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-API-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-API-{Tariff}
  • Javascript usage
    • OT-MISC Javascript Request Count

Pool Invoice lines

  • 1er Pool
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-TN-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-TN-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
  • 10er Pool
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-PN_POOL-10-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-PN_POOL-10-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
  • 100er Pool
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-PN_POOL-100-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-PN_POOL-100-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
  • 1000er Pool
    • Setup fee: INST-MRS-PN_POOL-1000-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-MRS-PN_POOL-1000-{CountryCode}-FN-{Tariff}


  • Standard Integrations
    • Setup fee: INST-REPORTING-StandardPush-{PushId}-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-REPORTING-StandardPush-{PushId}-{Tariff}
  • Custom Push
    • Setup fee: INST-REPORTING-CustomPush-{PushId}-{Tariff}
    • monthly fee: SUB-REPORTING-CustomPush-{PushId}-{Tariff}

Connection fees

All connection fee lines start with CT-IB or CT-OB.

CT-IB => Inbound connection fee

CT-OB => Outbound connection fee