Google Ads – accept account access request

When a Google Ads account is registered in the Control Panel, this Ads account receives an access request from matelso

In the matelso Control Panel the following is displayed after registering the Google Ads Account:

Google Ads - Konto Zugriffsanfrage annehmen_1


This means that the Google Ads account is registered. It must be ensured that the connection request from matelso is accepted in your Ads account.


 What do I need to do in Google Ads?


 1) In the start overview, click Settings:

Was muss ich in Google Ads machen um meine Calls zu sehen_2


2) Select Account Access:

Google Ads - Konto Zugriffsanfrage annehmen_3


3) Accept the access request via “Administration Accounts”:

Google Ads - Konto Zugriffsanfrage annehmen_4


4) Once the access request has been approved, the Ads account is displayed in the Control Panel like this:

Google Ads - Konto Zugriffsanfrage annehmen_6

The approval can take a few minutes.


See here for the video:

HubSpot Video