Google Ads refuses to save a matelso telephone number as a call extension, what should I do?

Google sometimes does not accept a tracking number as a call extension, for example.

1) What can I do to be able to use the individual telephone number as a call extension?


  1. a) Please do not register the telephone number in the +49711 xxx format; please use the leading 0 (e.g. 0711 xxx). In many cases, this is enough to resolve the issue.

    b) Use a meta tag. The corresponding tag could look like this. This telephone number is therefore also saved on the website.


c) Create a hidden div container that is saved on the web page and contains the telephone number that will be used as a call extension.

This means that the telephone number can now also be found on the website.


2) What do I do if nothing works?

In such cases, we advise you to contact Google Support directly, indicating for which of the reasons given below the telephone number has been rejected.

Unacceptable telephone numbers

The following is not permitted in call-only ads or in call or location extensions:

Incorrect, inactive, or irrelevant telephone numbers, or numbers where users are not connected with the advertised organization

Note: Google occasionally verifies the telephone numbers provided by making test calls to ensure that they are valid, accurate and relevant. These calls may be recorded.

Fax numbers, chargeable special numbers or vanity numbers

Example of chargeable special numbers: Telephone numbers that incur additional charges for calls, such as 0900 numbers in Germany

Example of vanity numbers: Phone numbers where numbers are replaced by letters, such as “1-800-GOOG-411” instead of “1-800-466-4411”

Note: You can use call services where the caller only has to pay the local rate. In this case, however, the number must be accompanied by a statement indicating that additional charges may be incurred.

Telephone numbers that are not local or national numbers in the destination country

Example: Use of a local telephone number from Germany in an ad aimed at Canada

Virtual or personal telephone numbers

Note: These kind of telephone numbers are only available in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom and Spain, for example.

Telephone numbers for which no voicemail can be left


Troubleshooting: Unacceptable telephone numbers

  1. Correct the telephone number. Enter a functioning, relevant domestic number for the country in question via which users can reach the advertised company.
  2. Edit the location extension. If you want to edit the extension based on the desired address, there are two options:
    Google My Business address: If the rejected location is a Google My Business address, you must log into your Google My Business account and update the location details there. These are automatically forwarded to Google Ads. Further information on editing an entry in Google My Business
    Manually entered address: If you entered the address manually, hover the mouse over this address and click the pen icon to edit the location details. Check the name of the company and make sure you are not using any trademarks that you are not authorized to use.
  3. Edit the call-only ad or call extension. Enter a telephone number that complies with the guideline.
    As soon as you have saved the changes, the ad or extension is sent to us to be checked. Most ads are checked within one working day. If a more comprehensive check is required, it may take longer. When we establish that the ad and landing page comply with our guidelines, the ad is approved and can be delivered.

If you cannot or do not want to resolve these irregularities, remove the ad. This prevents your account being suspended at a later date because it contains too many rejected ads.