How can I evaluate my UTM parameters in Google Analytics?

I have defined UTM parameters in Ads. How do I find the information in Google Analytics?

1) Which parameters must be defined?

  • -utm_medium: This required parameter specifies the medium, e.g. cpc.
  • -utm_source: Here the source is indicated, e.g. Facebook. This parameter is also mandatory.
  • -utm_campaign: In this required parameter you can specify the name of your campaign.
  • -utm_content: This parameter is optional and is used for A/B tests or content-related campaigns.
  • -utm_term: By default, this optional parameter shows the paid keywords. But it can also be used, for example, to specify the target group or other information.


2) Where can I find this data in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has its own report for campaigns, which you can find under Acquisition – Campaigns. 

Under Acquisition:

Wie kann ich meine UTM Parameter in Google Analytics auswerten_1


This report can be extended by various secondary dimensions to provide detailed information on the individual campaigns. The various parameters of the URL can be found in the dimensions: ad content, campaign, landing page, medium, source, and keyword. The primary dimension can also be adjusted so that two dimensions can be compared.


In order to view individual campaigns, media, or specific target groups, for example, a filter can be set on the report or the parameters used to run a search.

In the figure below, for example, we have filtered for Facebook campaigns using the basic filter:

Wie kann ich meine UTM Parameter in Google Analytics auswerten_2.png