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How can I track calls when the S&R script is blocked?

Ad and script blockers can block the matelso Search&Replace script. Here we show which possibilities exist.

What happens if the Search&Replace script is blocked?

The script may be prevented from running by certain browser extensions such as ad-blockers or script-blockers. If this happens, the dynamic replacement of search text by calltracking numbers may be prevented. The original text/number of the web page is then displayed.


What can I do to track these calls as well?

We recommend using a static single pool in addition to a dynamic pool. The single pool number is then set directly on the website without using the script. This single pool number is then replaced by the S&R script from matelso. So you have a number whose caller you can assign exactly to the scenario "website call without S&R script". This is how it can look like:
Single pool:

Put it on your own website:

Then put this single pool into the S&R configuration of a dynamic pool: