How can I use the matelso Google Data Studio Connector? The Google Data Studio Connect

The Google Data Studio Connector can be used with the help of our matelso API. How do I do that?

Version 1)

Are you already using the matelso API?

Simply use this link to access the matelso Data Studio Connector:

Only the matelso partner ID and the relevant API password are required to log in.


Version 2)

Still not using the matelso API?

  1. Then please have a look at the description of our API in the first step. This can be found in the Control Panel under “Service & Contact”. The matelso API is a valuable addition alongside the Data Studio Connector

  2. The matelso API can be activated in the Control Panel:
    Data Studio1.0
  3. What does the API activation cost?

The setup and monthly fees for our matelso API can be found in the price list in your contract. If you have any questions about these or cannot find them, please contact us.


Further information:

The matelso Data Studio Connector receives the data shown below from the show_calls method:


Default view:

Content fields:

All other matelso API methods can be used, but must be configured by the customer in Google Data Studio/Google Analytics.

You can work with imports via Google Sheets, for example. See also: