How can the matelso API call data be transferred to a Google Sheet?

Do you want to import your call data directly from matelso into your Google Sheets for further editing?


This is very easy to do – simply create a Google Sheet and enter the following line in cell A1 to retrieve the matelso API data:


=IMPORTXML(“”; “//item/data”)


Requirement: The matelso API must be activated for your account.


The matelso API activates or uses the method show_calls. See also the API documentation in the Control Panel.


To be added individually in the line:

1) Partner ID=xxx (note: user accounts do not work here, this must be the API account/partner ID)

2) API/partner password=xxx (caution: password must be URL-encoded! See for example:

3) Start/end date=desired call report period (format: DD.MM.YYYY)


In principle, all matelso API methods can be accessed this way.