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How can Tracking Quality help with optimizing my pool size?

Realize if yout pool is dimensioned enough before losing data

A first guide value for the required pool size is the orientation on the unique visitors per month on your website.

Since this is only a rough guide value, matelso introduces the Tracking Quality. This guide value is capable of telling you if all web data is assigned to the right call or if a too small number pool is falsifying your results.


In this article we want to tell you how the Tracking Quality is calculated and how to get the most benefit out of this feature.

Calculating the Utilization

matelso is calculating the Utilization of your number pool by dividing the max. unique visitors per hour for the last 30 days by the size of your number pool.


In the past 30 days you had a maximum of 980 users in one hour. If you use a pool of 1000 numbers on that website you get the following Utilization:

980 / 1000 = 98%

Installing the thresholds

If your customers normally call directly after having the number displayed on your page, the Utilization can be above 100% without causing any trouble.

But if your customers need more time before the conversion, it is advisable to have a lower Utilization, so the time until the number is displayed to another user is longer.

Furthermore you need to notice, that the Tracking Quality only relates to the highest unique visitor count of the last 30 days. Having widely varying user counts, sometimes a higher value could be less of a problem.

Therefore you also should take the unique visitors per hour over a longer period into account.

Always take into consideration, that whenever there are more users on your page then you have numbers in your pool, data will be distorted.

To get reliable data, it is important, that the thresholds for the different warnings are set up correctly for your needs. To not lose important customer data, a certain buffer is advised.

You can find the settings for thethresholds in the "Search&Replace"-Tab of your individual numbers. By clicking the button "Tracking Quality" you open a dialog in which you can set up the thresholds with two sliders.

You can adjust the default values on partner level.


Setting up the warning

The warning is considered as an early notification, that in the near future an expansion of your number pool could be necessary .


If the threshold for the warning is too high, it could happen, that with an ongoing increase of the visitor count there is not enough time to enlarge your pool before you lose data.

Setting up the error

The error is the critical notification, that action is needed. You should set it to a value from where you lose data.


In the indeal case, you will never see the error warning.

Default values

The preset default values base on matelsos big data expierience from over 1000 call tracking projects. In 90% of the cases, users will call within the first hour after having the phone number displayed. Though this setup doesn't fit for all cases.

You can set up the default values on partner level.

Die voreingestellten Standardwerte basieren auf matelsos Big Data Erfahrungen aus über 1000 Call Tracking Projekten. Zu 90% rufen Kunden innerhalb der ersten Stunde nach Anzeige der Rufnummer auf einer Website an. Diese Empfehlung passt allerdings nicht zu jeder Zielgruppe.

Diese Standardwerte können von Ihnen auch auf Partnerebene angepasst werden at "Administration" -> "Settings".

Settings assistance

We will assist you analyzing this data, setting up the thresholds and deciding if and when a larger number pool is needed. Feel free to contact us via service@matelso.com.