How can WLAN calls influence the call quality?

1) What are WLAN calls? 2) What effects can WLAN telephony have on mobile calls? 3) Does matelso have any influence over this phenomenon?


WLAN calls enable telephony even in locations where structural conditions mean there is not sufficient cellphone coverage.

On new mobile devices, WLAN telephony is often activated as standard.

However, this must not be confused with VoIP. It is a solution for mobile telephony, not a standard feature of landline telephony.


Automatic dial-up into unknown WLAN networks means optimal performance is often not guaranteed. 

  • Dropped calls are the biggest problem with WiFi calling. It is currently only possible to hand over to LTE networks, and not to GSM and UMTS networks. If you leave the WLAN reception range, the call is always dropped, unless you can use VoLTE. The handover between different WLAN access points does not always work either.


matelso does not have any influence over this phenomenon. In case of doubt, please ask the caller if they use WLAN telephony.

However, if call quality problems occur independently of the mobile network, do please contact us. We will check this immediately.

For this we need the following:

* At least 2 sample calls with caller number/called number, date/time – not older than 2 days

* As precise a description of the problem as possible