How do I make an announcement only for company vacations?

In some situations it can be helpful for a calltracking number to switch only one announcement, which informs the caller, here as an example for the company vacations.

In our example, we would like to activate an announcement that is played to the caller immediately when a call is made to the call tracking number and no other action is taken. An announcement for the company vacations with the content "Thank you very much for your call, unfortunately we are currently on company vacation, please send us an e-mail to".


Record announcement and upload it to the control panel

The first step is to record an individual greeting. If you wish, matelso Account Management can record an announcement for you for an additional fee.

The audio file must be in WAVE format/.wav. Upload the file in the matelso file browser:

Then convert the uploaded audio file in the matelso file browser:

The file without timestamp/with the original name is then the converted file:

Activate announcement only in a call tracking number

Go to the configuration of the call tracking number in which you want to activate the announcement. Then go to the "Routing" tab and enable "Extended" as the routing type:

In Extended Routing there is a feature called "Answering Machine". 

You can use this so that only an announcement is played. To do this, activate the answering machine and deactivate the option to record a voice message.

Now you can decide when the announcement should be played, whether directly with the call, or whether it should ring first with the forwarding destination. The length for this timeout is set in the number of the forwarding destination. In our example we want the announcement to be played directly. To select our announcement, we use the button at "Select a announcement ":

After that you can save configuration. The procedure for a call is now displayed:

If needed, you can still activate our call messaging, which is an email notification for each call. You can also find more information about this here in our Knowledge Base.

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