How to setup source based routing

Using the source based routing you can redirect your calls based on the caller id or caller type (germany landline, italy mobile, ...)

To set up source based routing, open the Control Panel and log in.

Next, navigate to "Configuration->Telephone numbers" in the menu and select a pool.



From to overview navigate to the "Routing" tab.


Example swiss sales redirect

This example shows how to setup source based routing to redirect all calls from swiss numbers to our swiss sales hotline.

Within in the "Presets" dropdown select all 3 types of swiss numbers ("Switzerland freephone", "Switzerland landline", "Switzerland Cell phone number").


Next step is to open the "Select routing profile" dropdown and click "create new routing profile".

In the now opening modal we setup the routing of our swiss sales hotline.

After clicking on save the modal will close and we click on "add" to setup the redirect for swiss numbers.

As our final step we open the "standard routing profile" dropdown and select "create new routing profile". In this modal we fill in our default redirect destination.


We click on "save" to close the modal and after that click on "save" at the bottom left display corner.

The routing setup is now complete and all calls from swiss phone numbers will be routing to our swiss sales team.