I would like to book an 0800 service number. How do I do that?

When booking an 0800 number, a couple of things must be borne in mind. What?

An 0800 service number cannot be booked directly in the Control Panel. Why is that?

With regard to chain allocation, there are guidelines of the Federal Network Agency for the booking of 0800 numbers/pools that must be observed.

Therefore, please always contact us at service@matelso.com if you want to book an 0800 telephone number/pool. 


Good to know re. AGENCIES/RESELLERS:

Agencies that function as resellers are not permitted to book 0800 numbers for your customers in your Control Panel due to the ban on chain allocation. The agency customer must apply for the service number from the Federal Network Agency themselves:

Help to do this is available here:

Link to request form

If the customer has received the relevant allocation notification, it is submitted to matelso by the agency (indicating the subscriber ID that has already been created). The allocated service number is then allocated by us.


In this case, applying for the number can take up to 3 weeks. Please arrange this in good time.


Agencies can apply to the Federal Network Agency (see link above) for service numbers, and send the allocation notifications to matelso. The telephone numbers are then saved by matelso and can be used by you if required for your customers.


Good to know re. END CUSTOMERS:

End customers who have concluded a direct contract with matelso, or resellers who would like to apply for an 0800 telephone number for their own use, can receive them directly and promptly from matelso. The corresponding allocation notification is then provided by matelso.