Google Ads - Error Messages in Control Panel

In our push logs you can see all pushes that are sent from our system to other systems. We explain the meaning of the different error messages from Google Ads.

The push logs can be found in our Control Panel:

For each push there is a status indicator, either a green check mark or a red i:

Now what does it mean if the status is red? In the first step, you can check whether the dispatch was perhaps prevented by a filter set up in matelso. To do this, simply move the cursor over the status display:

If the minimum content has not been met, a filter from matelso has taken effect. You can check the filter settings in the push configuration of Google Ads:

So in our example, the push was not sent because it was a missed call.

However, if the status shows that the push failed, in most cases it is an error message from Google Ads itself:

To view the error message, you need to look into the content of the push. Use the magnifying glass icon in the push logs:

Then unfold the "Request / Response Log":

Under Message, the error message from Google Ads is given. We show and explain a few of the most common error messages that can appear there:

1. gclid could not be calculated from the customer journey.

Means that there was no readable gclid from Google Ads in the push information. Usually call tracking is set up for many customers and not all customers can come through an Ads ad and have a Gclid information. If in doubt, you can check in your Google Ads account the automatic tag is enabled.

2. {"succes":false, "errorMessage": "OfflineConversionError.TOO_RECENT_CLICK"}

If you are viewing daily pushes, this error may occur more frequently. It simply means that the information is still too new for Google Ads. These pushes are then resent by matelso. You can also check this in the push logs under the "next try" column:

3. This customer does not have an import conversion with a name that matches the label of this conversion

In this case, something seems to be wrong with the conversion profiles. In the most common cases, the conversion profile created by matelso has been renamed within Google Ads. Google Ads can then no longer correctly assign the conversions. To fix the error, you should create a new conversion profile in the Control Panel and delete the old one. If that doesn't help, recreate the entire Google Ads integration.

Google Ads also provides a listing of common error messages. Here you can also check the displayed message:

Google Ads API common errors

If you have an error message that cannot be assigned by our article, nor by the Google Ads documentation, contact the matelso account management team.