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How do I calculate the correct pool size for my website?

The size of the number pool is based on the number of unique visitors per month to the website.

The information about the unique visitors to my website can be found in Google Analytics.

The recommendation for action set out in this article is based on the following benchmark:

There is a 95% probability that calls are made within 30 minutes of visiting the website.

Please check if this can be applied to your case as well. 


The following guide values refer to the unique visitors per month:


<3,000               unique visitors/month             – number pool of 10 (0711 - 12345 - 0)

<30,000            unique visitors/month             – number pool of 100 (0711 - 12345 - 00)

<300,000          unique visitors/month             – number pool of 1,000 (0711 - 12345 - 000)

<3,000,000      Please e-mail us on service@matelso.com