The new created subscriber is not yet validated. Why?

It may happen that a newly created subscriber cannot be validated directly. -> Do I have to do anything in this case?


The validation of a subscriber can take up to 48 hours in exceptional cases. Please have a little patience.

If the subscriber is still unvalidated after this time, the validation was not possible in 1st step.

In this case please send an email to with the request to double check the subscriber.

Please include your partner ID and the subscriber ID in this email.

Sometimes an proof od address is needed for validation to prove the correct existence of the address. matelso will let you know about that. A proof of address can be an commersial register extract or an identity card. In some countries this is standard and the documents are always required to validate a subscriber. matelso will let you know about this as well.


For bookings in new countries, please plan well in advance.

It can take up to 3 working days until the relevant commercials (costs, activation and documents proof of address, etc.) are clarified and the number/number pool is allocated.