What do I need to know about matelso and the Google update "Google Analytics 4"?

Google introduced the new "Google Analytics 4" in October. What is the current status of matelso?

Google introduced the new "Google Analytics 4" in October. Version 4 introduced a number of innovations which we will not go into in detail today. Among other things, there will no longer be a UA-ID in the new version, but data streams and measurement IDs.
We currently have no information as to whether the new version will replace the existing "Universal Analytics" or how long parallel operation will take place. 
First users are already updating their configurations. With version 4 you have a new property that runs parallel to the already created property with the usual UA-ID as identification. Data can still be received and analysed in Universal Analytics. 
The new version 4 is currently not yet supported as a standard integration in our systems.

We still offer you the standard integration in Google "Universal Analytics". 
If you use the new "gtag.js" offered by Google in combination with Analytics Version 4, no data can be received from the matelso systems. Please make sure that the scripts used so far remain installed to ensure a constant data flow.
Parallel operation of both scripts has not been tested by us. We can therefore not give any information about any restrictions or effects. 
Please contact us in due time if you need this. This way you can be sure not to lose any of your important call data. We will of course support you and together with you we will find the optimal approach.
Should there be any changes, we will of course inform you in time. We will send you information in good time and offer webinars on the subject.