I get callers who didn't want to call me, is that because of routing?

Control Panel Call Routing

We explain what the reason may be if you get callers who did not want to be put through to you. We also show you how to check your routing.

After call tracking has been set up, there is always a slightly higher level of alertness to incoming calls. For callers who didn't actually want to be put through to you, the common fear is that something is wrong with the routing.

What could be the reason for this?

In the vast majority of cases, the reason for such callers is a misdirected web campaign or ads, which the caller was shown beforehand. This can happen quickly with similar services or names. In this case we recommend to check the relevant places.

A very rare case is when the phone number assigned by matelso is still published by other companies or persons. Every phone number that is assigned by us is not available for at least 6 months before it is assigned. Of course, we cannot prevent others from not properly removing their disconnected numbers. In these cases we simply recommend to book a new number pool with us.

Of course there are still the usual human errors like a number mistake, which can lead to such cases.

Are you sure it's not the routing?

If you are unsure about the routing, you can easily check it. With a call to a calltracking number you can check the routing of this number. If you are put through to the set call forwarding destination, matelso's routing is working correctly.

In case of further uncertainty, you can ask which number the caller had dialed and where he got it.