Idea: call pop-up on the mobile website

Good to know

After a time defined by you, a call pop-up appears on the mobile website, offering the user the possibility of quickly calling you.


What can this look like?

On the mobile version of the, website, a call pop-up appears after 5 seconds:

What do I have to do?

Develop the design of the call overlay and implement it as HTML. The overlay should not be visible by default and is only visible through the script. When the website loads, the script ensures that it is only executed if the page is opened on a mobile device and the overlay has never been displayed. If these two conditions are met, the script waits 5 seconds (adjustable), then fades in the overlay and starts a new scan of the matelso script.

A “tel:” link with a Call Tracking telephone number is hidden behind the green “Call” button. When the “Call” button is clicked, the cellphone makes the call.

Clicking the red button makes the overlay disappear.