Is it possible to choose a telephone number?

Control Panel Phone Numbers

I would like to choose a telephone number/pool of numbers myself. Is that possible?

Number pools are randomly allocated at the time of booking.
However, we have 2 options to assist you with this request. This applies to call numbers/ call number pools in Germany

1. Get a number selection from matelso

We have the possibility to send you some phone numbers to choose from.
Please contact us at
Please create a subscriber in advance so that the area code is clear.
We will then select some numbers for you.
If you decide on a telephone number, it will be assigned to the subscriber.


- There is a charge for this service. You will receive information on the price by e-mail after contacting us.
- The numbers provided are not reserved. This means that it is a snapshot. There is no guarantee that the number will still be available when we receive your feedback. Therefore, please let us know as soon as possible which number you have chosen.
As soon as we know which number you want, it will of course be reserved for you.

2. 0800 - book your desired number/ number pool

A service number / number pool DE cannot be ordered directly in the Control Panel. Therefore you must apply for an allocation notice.
This allocation notice is provided to matelso with the Subscriber iD and matelso then allocate the number accordingly.
Under the following link you have the possibility to influence the call number:

0800 Number DE - Info