Can I customize a matelso report?

Control Panel

The report function in the control panel can be used to send or download reports to user-defined e-mail recipients at different intervals.

The matelso custom report

You can customize the content and send settings of the report function via a Custom Report. This customization comes with a cost. You can find the prices in your price list. We will show you which options you have for customization in the following points.

Email specifications
  • Sender name
  • Reply To-Address
  • Reply To-Name
  • Subject
  • TEXT Body (E-Mail Text)
  • File name of the PDF attachment
Sending via your mail server (optional)
  • SMTP Server Address
  • SMTP Port 
  • Login Name 
  • Password

Specifications for the PDF file
  • Can be set as a variable in the PDF: Heading/name of the report, e.g.: Report Heading: Your monthly MRS Call Report
  • Side margins:
    • left: 2,51 cm
    • right: 1,99 cm
    • up,down: 0,5 cm 
  • Logo/image for header and footer

All images to be included please in JPG or PNG format!

The measurements here are:

Header: 165mm x 30 mm (3898 × 709 Pixel bei 600 dpi) 

Footer: 165mm x 19,8 mm (3898 × 448 Pixel bei 600dpi) 

Variables for the design

When designing the email, you can work with the following variables. Date values refer to the time period the report covers. Please make sure to use the variables in the appropriate sense, e.g. $WEEK$ as the week that a report covers at the week level. Reports can be configured individually at partner, subscriber and call number level. Possible report periods are day, week, month and year.


$REPORTSTARTDATE$ Beginn des Berichtszeitraums im Format TT.MM.YYYY

$YEAR$, $MONTH$, $DAY$, $WEEK$ corresponding elements of the $REPORTSTARTDATE$

$REPORTNAME$ Name of the report

$REPORTSCOPE$ Scope of the report: At subscriber level, name and company of the subscriber; at call number level, the MRS call number or at partner level, the partner ID

$PARTNER_ID$ Your Partner ID at Matelso

$SUBSCRIBER_ID$ Subscriber-ID for subscriber-level reports

$FIRSTNAME$ Subscriber first name

$LASTNAME$ Subscriber last name

$FIRMNAME$ Subscribers company name

$LEGALFORM$ Legal form of the company

$B_NUMBER$ Call tracking number for reports at call number level


Please send all requested information and files to our e-mail address: