When and how can I change the subscriber data?

Control Panel Phone Numbers

Subscribers are the owners of phone numbers and must always have at least one complete address. We explain what you can do if this data changes.

Depending on the country and number categories, there are different requirements for the data of a subscriber. If one or more of these data change, it must be checked whether and how a change is possible. We will go through the points that you should check with you.

1. Hat der Subscriber aktive Calltracking Nummern?

Sollte ein Subscriber keine aktiven Calltracking Nummern besitzen, so kann er einfach gelöscht werden. Der Subscriber kann danach mit den veränderten Daten neu angelegt werden. Bei unvalidierten Subscribern können die Daten noch korrigiert werden.

1. Does the subscriber have active call tracking numbers?

If a subscriber does not have active calltracking numbers, he can simply be deleted. The subscriber can then be recreated with the changed data. In case of unvalidated subscribers, the data can still be corrected.

2. Which data of the subscriber must be adjusted?

There are different data for a subscriber. When making the change, it is important to check which data is affected. Is it a change of company name, a change of registered person or a completely new address?

In the case of a change of name or registered person, we can usually change the data for you. To do this, write to us at service@matelso.com with the Subscriber ID and the change request.

In case of a new address, you have to check if the subscriber with the new address is still authorized to have the current call tracking numbers. This can vary depending on the country and the call number category. Basically you can remember that if a call number with area code is fixed to the subscriber's address, the call number has to be cancelled when the address changes. In this case, you can then book new call tracking numbers via a new subscriber.

3. Do I have to upload documents for the subscriber?

It may happen that documents are subsequently required for subscribers. This is due to changing regulatory requirements. In this case we ask you to send the documents directly to our account management, use the email address service@matelso.com. We will then deposit the documents for you.